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Here you will find an up-to-date listing of synthwave concerts (live shows by artists) and tours. We've also included a separate list featuring any monthly local events at bars and clubs hosted by DJs.

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Concerts and Tours (2022):

Date Event Location
Aug 17 - Sep 25 Monuments in Stasis: Monuments, Essenger, Sammy Boller North America and Europe
Aug 18 - Nov 6 Leather Terror Tour: Carpenter Brut, Sierra North America
Sep 12 - Oct 14 Change Your Heart Tour: The Midnight USA
Sep 22 Arlene's Grocery: Diamond Field New York, USA
Sep 23 Helsinki Synth City Vice: Morgan Willis, Ace Buchannon, Star Cassette Helsinki, Finland
Sep 23 The Pyramid Scheme: Von Kaiser, The Marathon Grand Rapids, USA
Sep 28 Slakthusen: Midnight Danger Stockholm, Sweden
Sep 28 Freeplay: Michael Knight, Chef Tom Worcester, USA
Sep 29 Krøsset: Midnight Danger Olso, Norway
Oct 02 Live In London: KNIGHT$ London, England
Oct 02 Future Club 6: Moris Blak, Male Tears, Destryur, Heretic G, Neuron Spectre, and more Mesa, USA
Oct 09 Back To Hill Valley: Starfarer, Terrordyne, more TBA Los Angeles, USA
Oct 14 Back To The 80s: Daniel Adam Cheltenham, England
Oct 15 - Nov 15 EU Tour: Magic Sword, Droid Bishop, with support from LeBrock in the UK, Quixotic in Hungary Europe
Oct 21 13th Floor Entertainment: Julien-K, Priest, Neuron Spectre Scottsdale, USA
Nov 05 Neon Paradise: Ultrakiller Cologne, Germany
Nov 12 Cyberpunk Night 2022: Megahit, Midnight Danger Darmstadt, Germany
Nov 12 Spectrum on Air: LAU, Lucy Dreams, Hanna Rua, Young Empress, Akso Heart Milton Keynes, England
Nov 19 BEKIMACHINE Album launch: BEKIMACHINE, FHUR, AUW London, England
Dec 17 Night Arcade: College, Maethelvin, Deveraux 85 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Feb 25 2023 Sunset Boulevard (Space Jams): New Arcades, Duett, Marvel 83', Memorex Memories Bristol, England
Mar 16 2023 - 2023 Tour: The Protomen, Makeup & Vanity Set Europe

Recurring Synthwave Events:

Date Event Location
Monthly/ Weekly Turbo Drive at DNA Lounge San Francisco, USA
Monthly/ Weekly Waves By Quixotic with Megahit, Stranger Synths by Quixotic Budapest, Hungary
Monthly/ Bimonthly Neon Drive at The Rebel Lounge Phoenix, USA
Monthly/ Weekly Night.Wav/San Junipero New York, New Jersey, San Francisco and Los Angeles, USA
Monthly Laser Highway Online, Melbourne, Australia
Monthly Neon Nights Tampa and Providence, USA
Monthly Outrun Denver Denver, USA
Monthly Future Funktion Seattle, USA
Bi-Monthly Neon Paradise Cologne, Germany
Bi-Monthly Future Club Cologne, Germany
Monthly Betamax Video Club Washington, USA
Monthly NeoBudapest Budapest, Hungary
Bi-Monthly Tech Noir Berlin, Germany

This list is maintained by Neon Fawkes. Feel free to tweet me @julesneonfawkes if you see something missing or notice something that needs correction.

Michael Oakley in Toronto, 2019